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Since 1981, we are dedicated to close IMPORT and EXPORT business deals between buyers and sellers around the world.

We are a trading company based in Buenos Aires, Argentina with a global mindset and approach, focused mainly on the provision of products to the world markets. Our main business is the supply of textile articles as yarns, fabrics, clothing and accessories. In addition, we work with products from other areas such as food, construction, and medical protection, among others.

Galperin Trading

The company has more than 39 years of experience working with asian markets - primarily important factories and local companies - with whom we develop long-term business and friendly relationships.

Since the early '90s, the firm has been developing the representation of the major textile manufacturers from asian countries, growing and diversifying the range of offered products. Always looking for a value proposal to provide our clients the best quality, the most competitive price, and paying attention to achieve the requirements and delivery times.

Our team is completely engaged with full dedication and efforts to the satisfaction and the creation of value for the client, advising them in a professional way in everything concerning the foreign trade and operative aspects. In consequence, we pay special attention to technical requirements, quality, target prices, delivery times, and quantities.

To achieve the best conditions for our clients, our contacts include not only companies from China, but also from Taiwan, India, Indonesia, Myanmar, Bangladesh and other countries. Since the beginning, your goals become ours.

Our work philosophy and values are based on respect, honesty, and transparency, concentrating on human relationships, and building trust. We firmly believe, that for developing long-term business and friendship relationships, these values are the basis.


39 years of Experience, Friendship, Business, Quality and Trust

Galperin Trading

Let us be your advisor in Foreign Trade and help you to generate your future business.

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